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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Free Book to coincide with 25th Anniversary of German Reunification

My last book Home Sweet Stranger is free on Amazon.com, and the iTunes store to coincide with the 25th anniversary of German Reunification coming up this Saturday.  Sign up for my mailing list and receive a chance to win a free copy of my latest book A Remote Chance. 

Click here for the link to Amazon.com
#25 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary Fiction > Romance

Forced to flee East Germany as a young girl, Ellie Meyer returns after the fall of the Berlin Wall to reclaim her home, only to discover her childhood friend Luther Beck has made a claim of his own. To avoid a lengthy property dispute, they enter into an uneasy agreement to share the house. Even as Ellie’s suspicions grow about Luther’s role in her troubled past, so too does an underlying attraction. As she uncovers his secrets, she’ll find that her heart might be the biggest traitor of all.

Praise for Home Sweet Stranger

“Home Sweet Stranger is a page-turner rich with history and full of surprises from its dark beginning to its bright and immensely satisfying conclusion. Adria Townsend’s fine writing, intriguing characters and a vividly rendered setting make her a rising star to watch. ”
—BIBI WEIN, Author of The Way Home, Tupelo Press

“Adria Townsend’s moving, fast-paced, well researched novel, Home Sweet Stranger takes us to twenty-first century Germany and reunites compelling characters who must confront their ghosts and their brokenness before they can claim what is rightly theirs. With poignancy and lyricism, Townsend asks us to consider how both a nation, and a self, can be torn in two by politics, and how the act of reunification is always more fraught and nuanced than it appears.”
—NATALIA RACHEL SINGER, Author of Scraping By in the Big Eighties, University of Nebraska Press

“Home Sweet Stranger is a modern love story with echoes of wise medieval fairy tales and emerging from the haunting influence of East Germany's harsh communist past. Adria Townsend's compelling second novel is hard to put down in its twists and turns toward a deeply satisfying conclusion.”
—MICHAEL VIRTANEN, Author of Within a Forest Dark, Lost Pond Press

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